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On Board with Android

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Anodia on Android

The day has come and Anodia is live on Google Play. And it’s free, so if you have an Android device, you should definitely check it out.

The last couple of days has been full of testing and optimizations to make sure all will be as smooth as possible. But it also been a lot of fun. And finally we have accomplished something that we were planning to do for a long time. There are for sure some bugs to be found and quirks to be fixed but we are proud of the amount of work we put into porting Anodia to new platforms.

As for the road ahead. Anodia 3.0 with new levels and a lot of great changes and additional features is now our main priority.

Let us know how the Android version is working for you!

The new beginning

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For over three years we were known as Clueless Little Muffin, but recently we decided to simply our name a little bit and we started transition to new, simple name: CLM. Our primary domain is now http://clmgames.com.

It’s not only the name though — we moved into the new office, got some new hardware for development and released Hexbee for Android (both Google Play and Amazon AppStore). We have very big plans for the future, but now we are focusing on two upcoming releases of Anodia — Android version and the long awaited 3.0 release (for iOS, WP8 and Android) with new levels, fixes and lots of new features!

What next? Keep watching for announcements in the following months, definitely something new is coming. And it’s not winter ;) .

Anodia for Windows Phone 8 released

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As we announced three weeks ago, Anodia is going multiplatform — Anodia was released on Windows Phone 8! It can be downloaded from the Windows Phone store here.

We’ll continue work on Android version and the third big level pack.

Remember to follow Anodia fan page to have the latest updates.

Anodia fan page, big announcements

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It looks like Anodia fan page is finally up — it’s time to make some big announcements :)

First of all, we are about to start beta tests of Anodia for Windows Phone 8. That’s right, Anodia is finally going multiplatform! Moreover, we are experimenting with Android — there is still quite long road ahead of us, but we hope to start beta tests before the end of the year. And last, but not least — it’s time to say it officially, Anodia v3.0 is coming with the third big level pack. It’s scheduled for April 2014 (or maybe a little sooner ;) ).

Hexbee for Windows Phone 8

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Hexbee is now available for Windows Phone 8!

Like with Windows 8 version, we hope that everyone can enjoy it. Hexbee is a lines puzzle game, made mostly for the enthusiasts of the genre and it’s totally free (no ads).


As this is our first Windows Phone 8 game, please use support/contact page in case of any issues and help us make it better.

Hexbee for Windows 8

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Hexbee is now available for Windows 8!

We hope that everyone can enjoy it. Hexbee is a lines puzzle game, made mostly for the enthusiasts of the genre and it’s totally free (no ads).


As this is our first Windows 8 game, please use support/contact page in case of any issues and help us make it better.

Visit our devlog

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Quite some time ago we set up a devlog, where we, more or less regularly, post on topics of our everyday tasks and observations about game developement.

There are a couple of especially interesting posts that you can read:

We’ve even published some Sneak Peaks into recently released Anodia 2.0#1, #2 and #3.

If you’re interested in a little behind the scenes of game development, don’t forget to swing by the devlog from time to time.

Anodia 2.0

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Recently we released a long awaited update to Anodia that have a proud 2.0 version signature. There are some fun and happy parts of that process that we would like to share with you.

First of all, I think we are all fed up with the term “huge update”. It’s very common on the App Store to add one character, two costumes, 10 levels or something like that and call it a huge update. I sometimes feel that all updates on the App Store are huge ;) . But what to call a really huge update? Enormous update? Brobdingnagian monstrosity? We really don’t feel that freely using English language to be too extravagant, we stayed with the safe “huge” for now. Yet I must say, “Brobdingnagian update” was reaaaaly tempting ;) .

It also somewhat funny that every time when we were getting near being ready to release 2.0, something new came up. For example the new iPad’s Retina Display — after we saw with our own eyes how much of a difference it made, we had to rework all the levels to make them compatible with it. In my opinion it truly is amazing (I actually wrote an article about the Retina Display on our devlog)

After releasing such a substantial update it’s hard to concentrate on anything else then refreshing comments on the App Store, rankings etc. We read every single rating you’re posting and I must say that some of them are truly fantastic. It’s always nice to read something nice about your work, but we received so many great comments that we’re literally stunned. I’d like to paste here a couple of them:

by seth russell on Monday, July 30 2012:
They managed to make a visually stunning, challenging, fun game that is truly one of the best games for the iPod ever made!

by Younoney86753094827492649103847 on Tuesday, July 31 2012
One of the most fun and addicting games I have ever played. I can play the levels over and over again and still enjoy it.

by digitaljake212 on Tuesday, July 31 2012
I’ve had this game since darn near its inception. I’ve never kept a game on my device as long as I have this one, and I always wished for an update but had long given up hope. Still the replay value alone has kept it in my casual games folder. The recent update has more than surpassed my desires, and it truly feels like Xmas in July. Thank you for all of your hard work.

All those ratings and comments make me smile whenever I read them. And there are tons more I would love to quote here but it’s time to refresh ratings ;) . Have fun bouncing that little ball and say hi to Trevor from me! ;)

Hang in there, it’s coming

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It’s almost half of May and unfortunately Anodia update is quite not ready yet. We’re busy on making is as good as possible and there is still a lot to do. As usualy with pareto principle, 20% of work takes 80% of time.

Meanwhile, here’s a small sneak peek of the things to come (and yes, those old levels are optimized for the new iPad Retina):

Our New Game: Hexbee

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It’s been quiet here for some time, but that only because we’re working hard. And today we’re proud to present the product of that labor, our newest game Hexbee.

Hexbee is a lines puzzle game, made mostly for the enthusiasts of the genre, but I’m sure everyone can enjoy it, especially because it’s totally free (no ads) so there’s really no reason not to try it.

Hexbee has actually a long story of development. We were developing it alongside our custom made engine as a proof that we can use our engine to make games so it was almost finished before we even started working on Anodia. But it lacked some polish and a final touch, and there was never time to do that. But we liked Hexbee a lot so we tried our best and here it is. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

As an update, new levels for Anodia are a little behind the schedule due to a sick leave of our level designer. We wish him all the best and we hope that new levels will be available in the near future for you to enjoy!